The cooperation of small companies increases overall knowledge and competence. The responses to customer and market requirements are fast as the ways for decisions are short. No bureaucracy and no delays as in big companies.

All partners in our network are within 2 hours drive away from dose.point, all are specialists in their fields and do the jobs with German accuracy and passion.



Euromechanics medical GmbH is in the RT business since about 15 years with long term experience as design- and manufacturing partner for Wellhofer/IBA. emm is specialized in complex and delicate mechanics as MLCs for Linacs. but as well  manufactures a wide range of phantoms, as for dose.point and saveRAY, and a variety of auxiliary devices for Radiation Therapy.

Euromechanics medical  bundles technical and application knowledge of upgrading  existing therapy beam sources for new treatment techniques. Simple MLC for Cobalt and photons, sophisticated micro MLC for Radiosurgery with photons, up to IMRT with electron beams.

Euromechanics medical provided long term knowledge and experience in the field of diagnostics, with a full range of QA phantoms and accessories in the catalogue. As there is that close relation to Euromechanics as manufacturer, new phantoms adapted to the requirements in your country can be designed and manufactured in short time, at low costs.