Welcome to dose.point Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. ! 

As you can see from the IAEA map above the coverage of Radation Therapy Facilities in the majority of Asia Pacific countries was far from being satisfactory in 2012.

There has been an improvement in the past years, but still there is a lot of of investment required to match the number of Radiotherapy machines to the increasing number of cancer cases.

RT-Technology is improving fast and new treatment methods allow better tumor targeting and so better treatment success.

However: improved technology goes along with higher complexity of treatment machines and accompanied software.

Higher complexity is a source of higher error rate, which jeopardizes the treatment quality and patient safety, in particular when a high number of patients need to be treated under time pressure.

The Idea:

Devices for every day use, robust and precise, easy to operate, versatile and compatible for most other existing products, high quality but yet reasonably priced!

My name is Ulf Dudziak, I am the Co-Founder and -Director of dosepoint Asia Pacific and based close to Heidelberg in Germany.

I'm German and my education background is a university degree in Physics, with diploma thesis at CERN/Geneva for development of ionization chamber detectors for the LEP OPAL experiment.
The measurement of radiation is one of my core interests since 1982.  

In year 2000 I received a 2nd degree of Medical Physics with focus on Radiation Therapy. 
I am working in this field since 1996, and after Helax and MDS Nordion for 9 years as Sales Engineer for dosimetry manufacturer PTW-Freiburg in the Asia-Pacific region. 
The last 4 years until end of 2010 I was based in Hong Kong as founder and General Magager of PTW Asia-Pacific.

In this huge sales area I have seen all types of RT-departments, in very rich and very poor countries. Clinical dosimetry with direct contact to the Radiation Therapy Departments in many hospitals is my life since 20 years now.

Keep it Simple !

dose.point was founded to provide simple solutions for dosimetry in Radiation Therapy, error safe, robust, versatile and precisely 'Made in Germany.'

The latest releases of Treatment Planning Systems, using high definition patient imaging, sophisticated dose calculation/optimization and perfectioned Linac control, have reached an extraordinary level of quality.

This allows to make the dosimetry simple and basic. The dose.point RT-smartTOOLS along with matured devices as 2D-Arrays help you to make all verification and QA tasks fast, efficient and without new error sources.

Over the past years we got some more products of outstanding simplicity which make life for you easier.

We are working on more solutions with the same 'Simple approach', and will have partnerships with manufacturers for Patient Management and Positioning, Respirtation Motion Tracking and others. We will keep you informed.

But there is more: due to long term experince in the field and upcoming innovative solutions für cancer treatment, dose.point is expanding from photon to particle therapy, from CT to MRI Imaging, from beam delivery to combined image guided RT, and finally from Radiation Therapy to Oncology. 

Sales and Support:

Singapore is right in the heart of Asia Pacific, so the right location for comprehensive technical service and customer support.

dose.point Asia Pacific is in partnership with AMS Medical for India and surrounding countries plus Singapore. AMS is providing all sales and service support in this region.

The majority of new products are from Germany, and the selction of product configurations and combinations is a very dynamic process

Therefore the sales support for all other countries will be provided by dose.point GmbH in Wiesloch, Germany.

Please have a look at the sales partner list, or contact ududziak@dosepoint.de