MovingSKIN is the respiratory motion module for the smartIMRT, as replacement of the upper RW3 segment.

One simple AC motor, mounted in a smartCUBE housing, is rotating a carbon fibre tube with 5 or 6 revolutions per minute, depending on direction.

The 3D-printed ribs with antropomorphic shape are covered with plaster material for distinct apperance in CT and kV Imagers, as well the sternum. The wing-shaped plate on the left side simulates the abdomen 

As in a car engine the motion is controlled by cam plates connected to the tube, which move the rib cage with vertical amplitude of 15 mm. The phase between movement on 'belly' and 'chest' side can be adjusted for different motion profiles.

The abdominal motion is adjustable for up to 40 mm vertical amplitude.

The cam plates double the breathing to 10 or 12 cycles per minute, the cam plates can be manufactured with breathing profiles, also different for 2 consecutive cycles.

The ribs are expanding at the lower side by a simple mechanism when the phantom is 'inhaling'. This gives the motion a more natural apperance. 

The 'inside' of the phantom can be filled with 2 lung inserts made of special foam material, plus heart dummy made of 3D-printed material with tissue-like density.

For the 'belly section' we plan to have antropomorphic body section with spine, bones and organs.  

On the left side the movingTARGET mechanism is connected to the same cam shaft and can be operated independently.

For use in MRI the motor can be connected to the phantom by a metal free drive shaft made of carbon fibre tubes.   

How it is moving: