movingTARGET is a simple mechanical add-on to the smartIMRT and installed in a minute. 

It is using the same drive mechanics as movingSKIN, but can be used as stand-alone device with the motor conneted from the front side.
The motor is inside a smartCUBE housing and the most simple drive: it a motor used million times in mircowave ovens, rotating the plate or skewer for the grill. 
The motor contains magnetic parts. So for use of movingSKIN and moving TARGET the motor is connected via carbon fibre cardan shaft. As bearing block the smartCTQA can be used, standing at the foot end of the couch. So the equipment can be used in MRI, and in particular is useful for new combined treatment units as ViewRay of future Elekta machines. 

When mTARGET and mSKIN are both installed, the motions are synchronised. As both units use cam plates, the phase between the motion can be adjusted.
The cam plate for mTARGET is made as 3D object, so also the trajectory of the virtual tumor inside the smartIMRT box is in 3D. 

The idea is to have a small volume chamber insde the tumor in order to make QA on tracking/gating installations. When working right the doserate measured should be constant.

For better visibility of the virtual tumor in MRI they are available in spongy material to soak up water. And for PET with cavities for isotopes.

How it is moving:

For better visibility the 'virtual Tumor' as red tube is placed outside.